Releasing in March 2019 on Netflix India

  With a new month ahead of us, if you are a "Serial Streamer", then you would be curious to see what new releases would be available for streaming on Netflix India. Here is the list for the month for the first week. The Secret City : Season  - March 6th   The Order... Continue Reading →


To the Future – Poem

A dream of many, A vision of the group, Brought to reality, With the mind of one. The air was frizzy, Tingling with electricity, Maybe even the excitement, It was the night to test, The taste of ideas and theories. Circling across the screen, The step to be taken, The pod looking sleek, Stood waiting... Continue Reading →

The Prayer – Poetry

The dead of the night, With winds tickling your bones. The howling nature, And the cold poking you away. Something sinister sure is in air, For a night such as this, Can but be any other. The secret was buried deeply, It was all but a piece of cake. An empire of passion, Lay shattered... Continue Reading →

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