The Magic Liquid – Short Fiction

He looked out through the window. It was raining heavily and looked like it was going to be a stormy night. He grinned thinking of the last few weeks leading to this night.

The progress that he made in the last three weeks was tremendous and it was only last night that he had figured out the final ingredient for his magic liquid.

The power suddenly went. The basement was in pitch darkness. He turned slowly towards the table not wanting to hit anything on the table, when the magic liquid caught his eye.

It had turned it not a fluorescent green color, glowing and seemed to swivel in the middle of the bottle but remained still on the sides.

“That’s strange.” He said out aloud.

He moved in closer to the table to get a better look. Did this mean that the magic liquid was much more stronger than he had meant it to be? He thought about that party a year back. The party where they had been cruel to him. He had invited to the party which was surprising to him but he still went. He had been made made fun of, he was beaten and…

But all that was is in the past now. Tonight will change everything. It was time. He was ready. And he hoped they were.

He lifted the bottle, smiled and drank a mouthful.

Nothing happened for a minute. He took another mouthful.

And then it started.

Photo by clotaire lehoux on Unsplash


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