The Evil – Short Fiction

He opened the door, stepped into the apartment and locked the door behind him. Throwing the keys into the bowl near the door, he walked out into the balcony.

He put his hands on the railing and stood enjoying the cool breeze for a minute.

I have to do something.

He turned to see his own reflection on the glass doors. He stepped closer to get a better look.

He had no pupil. His eyes were fully black. Almost as if someone painted over his eyes.

He knew that he shouldn’t have visited the burial spot. The possession would be complete by dawn. Everything was happening exactly as per the manuscript.

I cannot be the vessel for evil

He went to the tools cupboard in the kitchen and took out the screwdriver..

Eyes of the prey holds the key to the growth of the evil within itself. Evil is extinguished when the sense of sight is

He aimed for his left eye first.


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