A Year of Reading – Challenge for self

A Year of Reading is a challenge that I set forth upon myself to embark on. It is a mountain that has no peak. It is a road that does not have an end. It is my personal journey but I would love to have you all join me.

The need for this challenge:

I have been convincing and lying to myself about getting back to my favorite interest, reading. I haven’t been able to read like I did once during my school or college days. I don’t spend just as much time on reading these. days

So I need to get back on the dragon now. A tamed one at that.


Starting 1st of April i.e today(No, this is not an April fool’s prank), till March 31st 2019, I challenge myself to read 25 books. Might sound less, but that’s just the baseline. I intend to cross much more than that.

So, here we go. To the love of reading.


Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash


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