The Indian Dad Blogs Series : The Intro

He just can’t be in one place for long. That has always been the case. Even when he was in his mommy’s tummy. He used to keep on moving around a lot whole night long.

It was raining heavily outside as he came into this world. Funny thing was, at the time of going into the hospital, it was just another day, with a clear sunny sky beaming down at us.

I did not just become a father that day. I become a more caring, loving and considerate person. If you are a parent yourselves, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

The Indian Dad Blogs, is my attempt at writing a lot of real life experience & parenting tips from the perspective of a Dad. I know we have a lot of Mommy blogs but daddy blogs from an India origin aren’t out there. At least not in my google search result šŸ™‚

This blog series would be a way for me to do my story telling revolving around my life as a Dad and his life as my son. No, I am not theĀ protagonist in this story, but rather the person with the most important task of looking after theĀ protagonist.

I am not an old wise man to dole out tips shining like a gem but these are my experiences and as such I am sure someone would surely someday find them of value.

Maybe one day, when he grows up, he might stumble on this blog and this might turn out to be a great read for him. Imagine reading your autobiography written by your dad.

I hope he likes this one. At the time of writing this post, he is not that tiny bundle as seen in the photograph anymore. He is well over a year and seems to have great interest in looking at books and images so naturally I am assuming that he is going to grow up reading a lot. I sure hope so šŸ˜›

It’s a very late Sunday night here in India, very close to midnight. So time to hit the bed, got to get to work early in the morning tomorrow.

I shall be back with my next post in this series soon. Bye!


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