Indian Dad Blogs : Perfect snack for your Kid – Savory Peanut Butter Bread Sticks

My son is over a year and is a fussy eater. He does not like eating the same item consecutively and loses interest pretty soon. He hates eating vegetables, is extremely picky with fruits and always puts us under a never ending stress filled vicious circle of parental tension.

As any parents do, we googled the internet for help and to see what food items could help us with this dilemma.

Nothing seemed to work for more than twice times in a row and again we would be left looking for a new food item that he might enjoy eating. It was then that while ordering groceries from Big Basket that I came across Savory Peanut butter bread sticks. Apart from the chocolate crunch version seen above in the picture, they also have the chocolate & Creamy variety for purchase.

I chose this one as I knew the tastes of my kid well.  He loves chocolate and if its crunchy, even more so.

Only do this if you know that your child is not allergic to peanut butter.

We had earlier tried to try out peanut butter from a different brand, knowing it’s benefits, but that bottle just went to waste. He had a spoonful and just pushed the rest away. Well, It didn’t go to a complete waste as I ate it 😛

When the order was delivered by Big Basket the next day, I was very impressed with the box and the packaging.


We opened the plastic lid to see a paper sealing which I pulled open. The box was neatly split into two sections. One part had the peanut butter crunchy chocolate and the other had the bread sticks wrapped in a plastic covering.




All we had to dip the bread sticks into the chocolate section and munch away. This was beneficial in two ways. One being that, finally he was eating something that was good for him and the other that this activity of dipping the sticks into peanut butter and eating meant keeping him occupied for a really long time.


For the first time, he did not mind having multiple boxes of these consecutively for three days until we ran out of it.  This was quite surprising for me, as he had never done this before. Well, I can only be glad that he is enjoying this and has no qualms in having this daily.



Above are the list of ingredients in it. There was even a small compartment that you could pull down from the button of the box which had the free gift of a rubber Rhino toy. After eating up all the bread sticks he lay down playing with the toy.

For a long time now, I have never been content seeing him eat like this. In short, a great snack item to try out and really enjoyable and tasty to eat.

The Indian Dad Blogs says YES to Savory peanut butter bread sticks!


You can purchase it here.


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