By the Stars – Short Fiction

He did not want to go camping. He actually did not prefer doing anything of the sorts of hiking, climbing or camping.  Anything that meant physical activity was blah. But if it was what she wanted, he could not say no to it.

Within a few hours of them setting up the tent, the stars came out. The sky was lit beautifully.

He looked at her and his heart filled with love. His eyes watched her adoringly. He could not believe that he was in love with her.

They were only seeing each other for few weeks now and he was already hopelessly in love with her.

She just might be the one., He thought.

She looked at him and spoke sweetly “There is something you do not know about me and I have been meaning to tell you.”

“There is nothing that you could say that would matter to me or change my feelings for you. I love you.”

She froze. This was the first time he had said that he loved her.

“I brought you here so that I could tell you something. See, I am not from this world.”

“Haha, yes you sure look like you are from out of this world”. He laughed.

“No, I am serious.”

She pushed his hand away and stood up.

Her face looked as if she was exerting force from within and then she started transforming.

Photo by Wilson Ye on Unsplash


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