The Pyramids – Short Fiction

The Pyramids!!

They had always been my favorite place to visit. The only item on my bucket list.

So it was with a lot of excitement that I landed in Cairo after a 18 hour flight. The next day morning, we set out to visit the pyramids.

Only 100 visitors a day were allowed to enter the pyramid. Luckily, we made the list. The guide set about explaining different historical points worth noting to us, however my mind was elsewhere. I was enchanted by the beauty that was the tomb.

There are a lot of secret passages and crevices inside the pyramid. We were told to stick to our group and to not roam around on our own.

I should have missed that instruction, because I was lost.

I called out the name of our guide but did not get any response.

I stood still, straining to hear a sound.

There were none.

I clearly was lost.


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