The Snore – Short Fiction

I jogged through the woods.


The snoring sound kept playing in my head. It just would not go away.

It’s been two days now. I could hear this snoring sound but I had no clue why i was able to hear it.

I kept jogging.

I had to get to work early today. Had a lot of pending tasks from the previous day that i needed to finish.

I kept jogging.

Ah! The incessant snoring sound was driving me insane.

I continued jogging.

Why was my vision in B&W? Was it because it was early morning? Wait! That made no sense.

I kept jogging. The sound kept repeating in my head.

I increased my pace.

Where was I going? How many days has it been that i have been jogging?

The only thing I could remember was the car skidding towards a truck.


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