The Blue Liquid : Short Fiction

The droplet of TXC-17 dived deep into the vial mixing with the colorless liquid in it. It looked beautiful, the way they interacted and mixed with each other.

But even more beautiful was the idea of what it could do. The government had denied the permission to do a trial on humans.

We had presented them with data showing how important the testing was and how minimal any side effects or even chances of anything going wrong can be.

They had denied permission regardless. The company had no choice but then to issue an order to shut down the research center as there was no way anything can come out of this research if testing wasn’t permitted.

I could not let that happen. It was my life’s work and I knew for a fact that the compound would work.

That is why I’am injecting myself with it today.

I don’t need anyone’s permission to test it on my own body.

I filled the syringe with 1ml of the resulting liquid and prepped myself for the sting.


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