A Year of Reading : Update

A Year of Reading was a challenge that I threw at myself back in April this year and had made a post about it on the site to keep myself motivated. You can check the original post here.

Well, the update? I am nowhere and I hate having to say this. Since the post about the challenge was made on the 1st of April, I have half a mind to call it as a prank for April Fool’s day.


I haven’t got anywhere as I am stuck due to my habit of reading multiple books at a time. When I say reading, it’s not even real reading. Just few pages here and then across a pile of books. Yes, I hate myself for it. I need to break free of that habit and spend  some time on serious reading. I have also officially given up the right to call myself an “avid reader” and struggling to hold the second part of the title down.

Make no mistake, I love reading. I enjoy being in the middle of book fort and loosing track of time. Then why does this happen, you ask? Well, It’s 2018! I blame technology. I blame the internet. I blame Netflix, Prime Video and the likes.

But I am serious about this challenge this year. I will finish 25 books for sure by next April. I know, a lot of reading this might be laughing your head off. “25? That’s what I read in a month or two. Hahahaha!”


Cut me some slack. I need to be rehabilitated. I need to get back on the wagon. I need help. But I will surely make it through my challenge. I have picked by “Edge of Link” by Brendon for reading and will be finishing it soon.


Any tips for me meanwhile, my dear readers?



Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash


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