The Yellow Pillow : Part 2 – Short Fiction

I had left the pillow in the paper bag on the first night. It was when I was about to hit the bed on the second night when I noticed that it was still in the bag.

I picked it up and took it to my bed.

As always, after switching off the light, I spent some time checking my social media accounts.

I must have fell asleep because I woke up with the whispering in my ear and the phone was on my chest.

The whispering in my ear was relentless and not very clear enough to understand.

I lay trying to decipher these whispers, as my initial impression was that I was overhearing someone speak from ouside my window.

But the minute I lifted my head off the pillow, the incessant whispers ceased.

It was then I realized it.

The pillow was whispering in my ear.



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