The Castle – Short Fiction

The Lake around the castle too had begun to become dirty just like the castle itself. The castle was in ruins.

Ever since the night of the invasion, no one ever dared to be around the area.

It was a cold november morning. Sun had just started to peek through the sky. The lake had opened up and out came the water people.

How did the water people look?

No one could give an exact description.

All that the people who witnessed it from distance said in their statement was about the lake opening up, the water people coming out and twenty minutes later they went back into the water.

The castle helpers had arrived in the morning only to find it empty.

The whole family of Swerns were missing.

They were nowhere to be found.

Search team conducted a week long intensive search. Both under the water and in the area around.

When the stories of the water people started spreading, people slowly distanced themselves from the castle.

Ron had to find out what happened to them. Which was what brought him to the castle today.

He could have no idea of what awaited him.

But then again, How could he have known?

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