The School – Short Fiction

Ricky swerved the car to bring it back onto the lane. He had been distracted for a second. When he saw THE TREE it had suddenly brought back memories gushing through the filter that he had put on his mind.

The Tree.

The very same place where they had shared their first kiss.

It’s been 15 years now, yet the memories remained fresh in his mind. Her soft full lips. That sweet scent that always seemed to swirl around her. I was the bee and she was the honey.

Had been the honey.

Her body was found hanging from the ceiling fan. The image of her hanging still had the effect of bringing tears to his eyes. The love of his life.


That was the question on his mind all these years.

But it looked like he was about to have some answers now. He changed the drive setting to “Sports” and accelerated towards the school.

“Lorin International Boarding school – 3 Kms ahead”, read the rusting iron board.


Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash


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