Love : Short Fiction

You could have everything but you may never be at peace until you have love. Or be loved. He loved her just as much as anyone ever could.

But that wasn’t enough. He wanted to be with her.

Till eternity.

Eternity might be difficult now that the doctor sentenced her for a 6 months period left to live out her time on this planet. This was what you saw in the movies or read in a book but never expect to happen to you.

What now?

6 months could be a long time. It surely could be a lifetime. It had to be for them now. They had no choice.

He was going to do everything right from now. He was going to make her laugh. He was going to spend every minute of his day with her. He was going to travel with her since she always wanted to travel.

He looked at her. She was his first love. She was his life. His cute golden retriever, Mia.


Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash


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