Book Review : Happiness is all we want! by Ashutosh Mishra

The number of self-help books that I have read are way too few that you could probably count them off on your fingers. Maybe the ones from just your right hand might be enough. The reason I want to say this out loud is that when I say I really enjoyed this book, I hope to drive that point home well.

I will be honest here. When I first opened the courier box and took out the book, I wasn’t very impressed neither with the cover nor with the book blurb on the back cover. Seemed pretty much like a book in a million that gets pumped out every year, offering to be your best friend and guide you all the way till your goals.

But I am really happy that I indeed picked this up in spite of all that put me off. See, they are right, sometimes giving a second chance is worth it. You ought to give that a try. Not just with books but with people in your life too.

Before I begin to even mention anything about this wonderful book, let me tell you why I don’t enjoy self-help books. Well, I find them quite boring. Most are. Ashutosh however here has kept the book an extremely interesting read. You can glide through the paragraphs with no thoughts of putting the book down. Even some of the “most popular” self-help books of all time(you know which ones I am talking about), had me toss them aside to come to the surface to gulp some fresh air. I loved the little anecdotes in “Wake up Story”, “Happiness Moment”, “Well being story” & the practical tips section. To me they helped a reader course through the difficult charter that makes up a regular self-help book.

In a nutshell : We run around our life coveting one thing after another and never being truly ever happy. I am sure we can all relate to that. This book is your guide to leading a happy and healthy life both mentally & physically. Split into three parts, this book has you covered for achieving mental, physical and spiritual well-being. There are techniques explained to you to help you in ways that makes absolute sense.

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5.

Should you read this? : Yeah!

Pages : 203

You may get the book here!


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