The Carpathians – Short Fiction

Myron stood at the edge of the cliff overlooking the Carpathians.

His Carpathians.

For the last 800 years, Myron had been the Lord of Castle Bloodred. The newly initiated weaklings had been a trouble in this region recently, bringing unwanted attention to him.

Vampires did not have to fear humans but they feared discovery by humans.

Yliecel was coming over to meet him today to discuss how to handle the newly initiated. She was someone who could offer him suggestions on handling this.

Hmm.. Yliecel…

She had been the love of his life. Back when they were still humans. He had met her at the annual village party. She was the prettiest girl he had ever set his farm boy eyes on. Everything was going great until that fateful night when she got bitten. He followed the path and had himself turned too.

But things were different once they became vampires.

Love, wasn’t quite love for a vampire. Emotions were just not the same. He yearned for her still, but there were things… things that kept them apart. For 800 years.

The forest and the path below was devoured by the fog yet he was able to make out the light from her carriage as it set upon climbing up the steep slope to the castle.

He smiled. He had to get ready now.


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