The Elder – Short Vampire Fiction

The moon hid behind the dark clouds almost as if it knew what was coming. It started glowing at a shade of red that could be said is much similar to the blood that courses through our veins.

Down on the ground, people were in panic.


The thing we used to watch in the movies weren’t fiction anymore. They were real. Just as you and me.

It all began with Helen. Helen was a sixteen-year old teenage girl, daughter of a potato farmer, who lived near the foot of the mountain. She was bit by Elder Vorscheik. Passerby’s found her blood-drained corpse by the tree in the wee hours of the next morning. They had all heard the stories, about the mountain being the abode for the vampires. They did not want to believe the stories as that meant coming to terms with their mortality. But when they found the body they had to face it. Her relatives burned her body and buried the ashed under the a garlic covered tombstone.

That was meant to keep her in her resting place.

But it did not.

A month later, there were 7 blood suckers. It was only a matter of time before they multiplied like roaches.

Herdford was a town of the undead now. Land of Immortals as the neighboring townsmen called it.

For some reason, the vampires could not go beyond the town. It was almost as if they were chained down by some strange power to Herdford.

But all that was going to change. Elder Vorscheik was back. All were being summoned to the cemetery.

Vorscheik stood on top of the wall, his eyes a cold shade of red. He waited for all his children to assemble before they set out on the final conquest.


Photo by Jeroen Andel on Unsplash


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