The Visit – Short Fiction

Ever since she had been to that house, things weren’t the same again. She wasn’t hungry anymore and it had been two days now since she last had a meal. She din’t feel the need to eat anymore. Food was bleh.

She also felt cold. A constant icy coldness.  But it was somehow it felt strangely comfortable.

She had trouble being around people. They annoyed her. She was just not her anymore.

She liked it. That’s what surprised her. This was not her and in fact this was just the opposite of her and yet somehow she liked it.

She had earlier enjoyed working and used to be of great help at the site where they were building the new cathedral.

“It will be a change.” her boyfriend said. “I am worried about you and who knows you might just feel better.”

“I do not want to feel better.” She mumbled.

But he did not let it go easily this time. She gave in finally for the need to be away from him. To be away from all of them.

It was a bright sunny day to be outside. The cathedral was almost complete with all the red bricks in place and just needed a coat of paint over it.

She stepped out of the car and felt immense hatred rise up inside her. It was bubbling and boiling over, deep inside her. She found it difficult to understand these emotions but she knew that she liked being angry now. She somehow knew she had to be angry now.


She did not know. But she had to be.

She started murmuring.

“What is it, dear?” asked her boyfriend.

People were staring at her.

Her voice which started with a low mumble now started speaking ferociously in an unknown tongue. People backed away. Her boyfriend stood stunned in his place.

Her head was bent while she spoke this tongue. She now started screaming what seemed like abuses in this tongue now. She looked up and he could see her eyes had turned red almost as if fueled by the vile anger in her.

She spread her arms out to her sides. She looked up at the sky in anger and then started levitating. People screamed and run away.

It was when she started changing into a bat like creature that her boyfriend dropped on the ground fainting.


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