Book Review : Edge of Link By Brendon

The book blurb on Goodreads says this :

A psychological thriller, based on a true life story, which will redefine the way one reads books. “Inception” of the world of books… A story moving across not three, but five dimensions of time. Not recommended for readers hoping to read a simple, linear, average narrative, as is the case with most Indian writers of today. If Dan Brown appeals to your reading sensibilities, Edge OF Link will sure take you a step further than Dan Brown’s books. Come take a LEAP OF FAITH with Edge of Link. Books to Follow in trilogy – Road to Excel Transcendence

So it was quite natural that this book might end up getting picked by me for a read. “Psychological thriller” in itself would have been sufficient to convince me on taking this journey.

This book is a treat in itself. More poetry than prose, more beautiful arrangement of words than boring paragraphs laid out one after another, this book turns out to be a great read.

Press rewind on time to maybe a decade ago, we did not have a lot of fiction being published by Indian writers, we did not even have a lot of Indian writers, then we had Chetan Bhagat rise to fame and soon any Indian who knew how to write wanted to be a published writer(I do want that too haha). The point I am trying to make is, with this sudden onset of hundreds of trash being published as books, a lot of people tend to ignore works of fiction from Indian publishers. But deep within all that, this one surely deserves to be kept on top of the bookshelves, right at the entrance of a bookstore and is a great pick for a read any day.

Warning : If you are light reader, you might want to give this a pass as you might find it difficult to get on with the book.

Rating : 3/5.

No. of Pages : 287

Price : 299 Rs

Get the book here!





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