Sahil Shah’s: Childish Behaviour Review : A Delightful hour for you

I first saw Sahil in “EIC VS The World” and had really enjoyed the show. So naturally, when the announcement came up on the Prime Video banner section that Child Behaviour would be up on the site on the 29th of June, I was excited and looked forward to the release.




I checked up the 29th of June on the calendar, Oh Friday! that’s great. I would be back from work by evening and could put this on for viewing before bed and stay up watching it all night with no worry of having to wake up early the next day morning for work.

But honestly, I couldn’t wait till my “post dinner weekend marathon binge attack” on all of our top three streaming services, Netflix , Prime Video & Hotstar that I do every week. I moved this up on my playlist to, “late evening tea-time binge” playlist. Am I sounding like all I do is stream at home? Am I a serial streamer? Haha I would be proud to be accused of that.

Describing himself as a 27 year old with the mind of a 3 year old, this show is hilarious. I can totally relate to everything that he has to say, for I am the kind of person whose response to someone saying, “I am not feeling well”, is always “You got cancer?”. There is nothing greater than being immature your whole life and Sahil gets to show it to you with all the anecdotes from his life.

With a crazy sweet sock-puppet intro, the show progresses smoothly back into time and into our childhood filled with those attractive shoes with light that we all wanted. There are times when you watch a stand up comedy show but end up being pausing it and moving into something else to watch because you got “bored”, but with this one, I was pretty shocked to see it end, thinking it to have been quite short only to move the mouse to find the show was over an hour long and It was indeed over.

That was one great show! I loved it and I am sure you will too. Head over to Amazon Prime Video now!!




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