The Eclipse – Horror Fiction

It was moments away from the eclipse being full. The animals were acting strange, though common during a period of eclipse, this time around it felt particularly creepy.

Ryan had a sense of impending doom. Strange as the feeling was and unwarranted too, he still could not shake it off. He kept convincing himself that it was just his mind overthinking everything

He stood in the middle of the farm, leaning against the tree, watching the horses prance wildly when the ground shook beneath him with an explosive sound.

He clung to the trunk of the tree to keep from falling and turned around to see a huge creature on the ground. He stood frozen in shock as the three-headed creature rose slyly from the ground, hissing like a snake but much louder.

The black oily looking creature was at least 10 foot tall with four arms that kept clicking as if to latch onto something in air. The thick black oily liquid kept dripping onto the ground from all across it’s body. The sight of the creature made him whimper.

Hearing him cry, the creature turned towards him. All three heads had no eyes. The mouth was at the base of the neck. Where there should have been eyes, each of the heads had an opening through which something that seemed like fire was being spit out very few seconds.

The creature started moving towards him.

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash



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