The Chandelier – Horror Fiction

The only light in the room came from the chandelier. The chandelier seemed strange and out of place in the dark dusty room. It sure looked classy but was quite out of place in this otherwise scary house.

Claire moved towards the chandelier. Something about it seemed to attract her to it. Something dark and sinister.

She could hear the wolves howl from the woods beyond the house. The wolves were at lare finally, she though to herself.

She stood right under the chandelier basking in the warmth from the light. She peered at it. The light seemed to emanate a strange, peculiar glow. None of the others seemed to notice it or feel that it was out of place.

But she did.

Suddenly the chandelier shook violently.

“God.”, she gasped. Could it be the hounds? she thought to herself.

She turned around but found the others still in conversation with each other. They had not seemed to notice this.

How could that be? Surely it was audible to them. Or wasn’t it?

“What are you?” she asked the chandelier

“I am what you see.” the chandelier replied.

“What does that even mean?” She was puzzled.

“I can become whatever you want me to be.” the chandelier replied again.

“Can you be a swan?” She inquired.

“I can try.”

Chandeliers were never meant to walk around as a beautiful swan so the swan that it turned out to be was a very ordinary looking one.

“Yes, this will do.” Claire smiled, stroking the swan on its head.

This will do perfectly fine.

She walked out of the house with the Swan following her. Maybe she could finally stand up against The Force.

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