The Amulet – Short Fiction

The light shone brightly piercing his half closed eyes. Lazily he opened his eyes to see a golden amulet lying ahead on a rock. The waves were slowly lapping against the rock, half attempting to drag the amulet back into the ocean but were failing miserably at it.

Planting his arms firmly on the sand, he forced himself off the sand. He probably should not drink just as much, he thought to himself, as he walked over to the rock, brushing sand off his body.

He picked up the amulet, noticing a tingling sensation crawl up from his hand all the way to the back of his neck.

The amulet looked quite antique in nature. Maybe something washed up the ocean.

Maybe a part of an ancient treasure. Maybe something that went down with a ship in the ocean.

He put the amulet around his neck and wore it as a necklace. The sky turned to a deep shade of red and thunder started rumbling in the skies.

He looked up at the sky in wonder.

That was such a sudden change in weather. Maybe it is time to head home.

He started walking towards his home, not noticing the sky slowly turn back to its original color and the thunder sound wane into silence.

Hearing the sound of a motorcycle, he turned back to see Shaan riding on the road towards him.

Oh god! Not now!

He hated Shaan. Shaan was such a bully and would as always probably punch his on his stomach for no good reason before heading on his way.

Why don’t he ever fall off his bike and break his leg? That would give me some peace.

Shaan recognizing him, gleed happily and was raising his hand in the air signalling him to stop when his back tyre seemed to suddenly skid and he topppled over.

He stood in shock, not moving and also partially happy to see what just happened when Shaan started yelping in pain.

He seemed to have fractured his leg, with the bone sticking out like an odd piece, white in color.


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