The Time Traveller – Short Fiction

The dial flickered as it started it’s countdown.


Sweat trickled down his back like a slow moving river, flowing slowly but with purpose. He fidgeted with the launch lever to his right, as was his habit, as he waited for the countdown to end.


It’s been three years since he last came across this capsule in his father’s workshed out in the backyard. Three years? He couldn’t be quite sure of how much time had actually passed by since that fateful morning. He found it difficult to keep a track of time, what with his constant time travel back and forth. You could spend a decade in 1400’s to come back to the garage a second after he had launched the capsule.

It was fun initially. People spent their lives saving money to travel across the globe and here he was travelling across time with no effort.

But he had made a mistake.


He made the mistake of charting a course to the future. All those Sci-Fi movies that he watched, the books that he read, had never warned him about what would happen if you time travel to future.

How could they?

Those were all made up stories. No one ever had actually done it before.

He heard a rumbling sound from beyond the rocks. They were coming. IT was coming.

He had no idea what IT was. IT was IT. IT was a scary blob of monstrous power and rage that could shape shift and change form as required.

He had watched it from top of the rocks absorb a small goat like creature into itself and become bigger.


He saw dust rise up in the distance as IT made its way towards him. He checked the particle in the fuel box. They were gathering speed.

IT came on the horizon and paused as it peered at him. You couldn’t make out that it was peering at you. There was no definite way to say that. Afterall IT was IT. But then you knew, you just knew it in your heart.

IT shrieked in anger and took flight. IT was flying straight towards him and the capsulre. He cried out in fear.


The particles kicked the energy stabilizer into action and the capsule made a whirring sound, vibrating.

He might have survived if IT had started out towards him a second later.

It was his cries that brought his mom into the workshed. She came running fearing the worst but when she stepped in, there was no one there.

The glass sphere that her husband had been building also seemed to be missing. She puzzled over what happened for a few seconds before going back to the house.

She lived out her whole life alone, searching for her son. Searching for her husband. Sometimes late at night, she cried thinking about why they abandoned her.

Photo by Inspirationfeed on Unsplash


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