As it Rained – Short Fiction

He tapped on the glass window looking out through it, lost in thought. Raindrops trickled down the glass aimlessly while he made an attempt to trace their path with this fingertips.

His heart was heavy, drenching in sorrow just as the people out on the street walking in the rain. He wanted to cry out loud, but he couldn’t. People were around.

What will people say?

That has always been the case. Brought up to worry about what people will say.

Watching it rain was a hurtful sight for him now. It brought back memories of the day when he was in the rain last.

The acid laced water burned everything. Things were never to be the same.

The mud splashed against the wheel as it waddled through the flooded roads. The cold wet jacket made him shiver but the warmth around him lit a lamp in him that kept him fine.

Visibility was reduced but it was not a road trip, it was rather a flight. When happiness makes an appearance, they fill hope in the air around you.

He looked at the rear view mirror to see her face, eyes closed, smiling as she was getting drenched in the rain. He slowed down the bike, not wanting this blissful moment to end. Ever.

Parking the black vehicle vertically into the parking area, he jumped over the bridge to reach the dry land. This was not just any place. It was a cave that bubbled with happiest memories. A place that held the fondest memories. Memories that will last a lifetime.

The furthest corner held the entry to this narrow cave. He stepped into the cave feeling the warmth engulf him. Removing the wet clothes, he slipped into a delightful evening of laughter laced with cigarettes and alcohol.

When he thinks about it now, that was probably the happiest he has ever been.

With her. Only with her.

Photo by Anant Jain on Unsplash


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