Korean Drama : Thirty But Seventeen Episode 1 Recap

Before we even glide through the recap of the Pilot 28 mins episode invoking nostalgic memories of high school crush and that beautiful adorable feeling called love, I want to take you through the blurb for the series :

A life can change in an instant.

Woo Seo Ri (Shin Hye Sun) was a 17-year-old violin prodigy who is getting ready to study abroad in Germany. But a serious car accident leaves her in a coma.

Gong Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong), who caused the accident, is traumatized and plagued by the guilt of what he has done. Thirteen years later, he works as a set designer but is emotionally cut off from everyone around him.

When Seo Ri wakes up unexpectedly from her coma 13 years later, she is in the body of a 30-year-old woman but is mentally still only 17. Can Woo Jin help her adjust to her new world and learn to live and love again?

“Thirty But Seventeen” is a 2018 South Korean drama series directed by Jo Soo Won.


The episode opens with Woo Jin, as a school boy, creating a pencil sketch of Seo Ri, who is someone who he meets on and off and has a huge crush on. We see his nephew asking him about who the person in the sketch to which Woo Jin replies saying “I don’t know. Someone who makes me curious the more I see her.”


Seo Ri seems to be this absent minded, in her own world kind of musical genius who has this adorable habit of making a bunny head out of her hand and watching the moon through it.

Woo Jin intends to complete the painting and then hand it over to her and maybe even ask her to be friends with him. He never seems to have found the courage to go up to her and talk to her.

I want to put the story telling on hold and talk about this show for a while. Why do we love our K-Drama’s so much? Why do we love it like the way we do? I got to point it out that even though I am not from Korea and don’t understand the language, I still watch shows praying that we get a great subtitle on it in English to follow it. That’s my prayer always when I see a show on Viki. “God! Let it be subtitled!” When I do see the “100%” on subtitling in English being available, my excitement knows no bounds.

I know this is true for the K-drama fans across the world. Why do we love it so much? If you ask me, I’d have to say, it’s because of the beautiful way romance is portrayed. The way the feeling gets captured and is able to be poured out into the viewers heart is quite amazing. Then we have also got the adorable antics of the actors that chills our heart with so much awwwww.

Back to the story line.

A chance meeting on the bus, where Seo Ri happens to ask Woo Jin whether he knows the bus stop to get off for Chungan art hall gets them talking. He almost gets to show her the sketch that he has been carrying around with him but when her friends board the bus, he nervously gets down from the bus having told her before to get down a stop after the one she intended to to get much closer to her destination.

As he gets off he notices that her key chain was accidentally stuck on his bag and he runs to the next stop hoping to give it back to her. Unfortunately the bus meets with a major accident and Seo Ri gets hospitalized and goes into coma.

Years later we see Woo Jin in the Alps with an unkempt beard and scene goes back to the hospital where it has been 13 years that Seo Ri is in coma and at the hospital all these years. We learn from the conversation between nurses that there is someone who comes in secretly to visit her every now and then and we too get to see the person.

My guess is that this is Woo Jin itself. Could it be someone else? I sure hope not.

Seo Ri wakes up. She happens to think that it should be the next day of her accident when she wakes up not realizing that thirteen years has passed by and even points to the mirror saying “That woman is staring at me.”


The episode ends with a heart breaking scene in which we get to see her crying not able to digest the fact she has lost her youth being in coma and now have a world to get back to, of which she knows nothing about. She also finds it hard to deal with the news of the death of her friend who was in the bus with her.

It was such an great pilot episode and I cannot stress enough that I am raring to get back to the next episode once I hit publish on this post.

I am on my way! If you want to watch the series too, do head over to Viki site here.

You can also catch Episode 1 by clicking here.






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