What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim – Episode 1 Recap – Review

If you been on the Viki site, you would have naturally come across the banner for What’s wrong with Secretary Kim and if you look closely, you would also have noticed the 9.8 rating that it has gathered from over 17K+ ratings.

I did not initially watch the show as I had a preconception of what the show might and thought as to how I might not like it. They say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” after all for a  reason. Not that the poster are not in place, it’s just a feeling that I had and boy was I wrong!

Lee Young Joon, played by Park Seo Joon is a VP of a family business and a very successful one at that. His life seems to get by only because of Secretary KIm, who is there to take care of his every needs,including boosting his already inflated narcissistic ego.

While returning from a party late night, Secretary Kim announces her plans to quit which leaves Young Joon in shock as he could not fathom any reason as to why she would want to do that. She only keeps quoting reason to be of a personal nature.

While he spends time pondering over this, we come to realize that probably he is in love with her and needs her more than he realizes. He tries to make her stay offering more pay and benefits but she doesn’t want to take it up.

The episode has many hilarious scenes when Secretary Kim visits Young Joon’s home and meets his parents and they seem to be worried about whether he could be gay and even try to set him up with her.

The story blooms perfectly over this 50 minutes something episode and at the end we see Vice Chairman telling Kim that if all she wants to do quitting the company is to get married and have kids, then he will let her marry him.

This is such a fun show and I would love to see how this comes along.

Watch “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Here!





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