A Strange Place – Poem

A strange place,
We had to visit.

To lay claim to the claims,
That there existed indeed a place.

Through the sun,
Through the wind.
Through the storm,
Through the calamities.

We toiled through,
Not ready to give up.

Finally landed on the place,
Termed the strange place.

The water was blue,
The sky was green.
The Trees were red,
And the soil purple.

A thing of beauty,
Lasted for a second.

A thing of joy,
Lasted forever.

Such a place,
Indeed was the strange place.

It took hours,
Only hours,
Before the madness set in,
People set about the chart.

Chanting and raving,
Killing and getting killed.

They all came down,
A high was that was indeed down.

Such a place was indeed the strange place,
Where it all came to end for the voyagers.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash


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