Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : Season 1 Episode 1 Review

With no reference to any earlier Sabrina shows or to Riverdale, we can just talk about it as a standalone show. We would find that as an easy, smooth talk as the show is a glossy one coated with a depth of darkness that we would all come to enjoy. While I am still only episode 1 deep into this, I am sure of this.

Sabrina Spellman is just another teen at Baxter high only that she is not. Just few days away from her 16th Birthday, it is also time for her choose a life of being a witch and going away to the academy of unseen arts and her life at Baxter High with her boyfriend, Harvey, and her friends.

We get to know this detail right in the first minute during the narration where Sabrina is at the movies with her friends and boyfriend. They also happen to meet Ms Wardell at the movies, a teacher at the school. Ms Wardell on the way back home, driving down a lonely stretch of road finds a young girl in the middle of the road. Taking her back home, the girl gets cleaned up and while having a chat, the girls asks her if she knows someone by the name of Sabrina. When Ms Wardell confirms it, she gets attacked and we get to see that the body of Ms Wardwell is now possessed and whose motives as we come to know later through the episode is to have Sabrina choose the path of night.

Sabrina is also to set to choose a familiar for herself, which are Goblins having taken the shape of an animal to serve their witch master. She decides to pick one by using one of the summoning spells and to see if anyone wants to pick it up themselves willingly.

She goes into the woods to cast the spell where she meets, three witches from what we come to know is from the Academy of unseen arts, Prudence, Dorcas and Agatha who do not seem very pleased with her planning to come to the academy and casts a spell on her.

Sabrina is potrayed as a kind person stuck between the two worlds as is seen with her realtionship with Salem, her familiar with whom she has a equal partnership than of being a master.

She seems to be a rooter for women power as she casts a spell to get the Principal out of way to get a club started for girls to support one another at the school, following the incident with one of her friend, Sue with some football players from school.

I believe the best scene in the episode was the one where while taking a bath to get rid of the effects of the curse on her by the three girls, she gets a vision of her mom and dad in the forest, following whom she see two babies, one which is her and the other being a child with an animal feet. I am not sure what this means at this stage but could gather some weight later in the show.

Sabrina learns from her cousin that the apple or *malum malus* from the oldest tree can probably tell her what to do. This leads her to the orchard where she gets chased by a scarecrow, controlled by Ms Wardell, not wanting her to stray away from the Lord of the night but Salem comes to her rescue. She bites the apple but is shown a vision of witches hung from the tree and a beast emerging out from the bark of the tree coming towards her. She spits out the apple in time and returns home to find a special guest, the high priest of the church of the night with her aunties.

I enjoyed this pilot episode and will probaably continue watching the whole season. This was no mind blowing episode but gripping enough.

# Rating 7.5/10 </center>


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