Kaalkoot by S Venkatesh : Book Review

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset. You check out more details about it here


As always when I do get a review request for a book, I check out the book blurb first to decide whether it would be of any interest to me before saying yes and picking up a copy.

The book blurb for Kalkoot seemed really interesting as is as below :

January 1944

Holed up in a Himalayan hideout, freedom fighter Manohar Rai has to take a chilling decision – one that could mean life or death for millions of people. His only hope is a mysterious young man, who goes into hiding hours before Manohar is shot dead in cold blood.

June 2018

A forgotten legend from the upper reaches of the Himalayas is rearing its ominous head.
The world will be brought to its knees. KaalKoot will strike again.

Only three people have a clue about the horrors that are about the unfold. The only hope for survival lies buried deep in the remotest corner of Himalayas. But a terrible fate awaits those who seek it.
Is it already too late Is KaalKoot – the primordial plague – unstoppable?

Seems interesting enough right?

I was really excited about this one reading the book blurb and in the two days it took for Amazon to deliver it to my address, patience to me, did not seem like a virtue I wanted to be known for.

You can also check out my Video review on Youtube here.

The plot is set to race right from the first page all the way till the end and smoothly at that with no dull or bleak moments anywhere which might want to make you feel like stepping off the journey. Anyone looking for a fast-paced thriller should be thrilled to have a copy with them as this does not let them down.


But this goes well if you are only looking for just that. As maybe it is the quick paced story line, that makes the storytelling look very weak and kind of amateurish. I know you could debate that if one wanted to look for a deep book, you could pick something off that kind of genre, but to make my point clear, it’s just to highlight that with if a little stronger writing were to employed this book could have been off the charts in all categories.

Having said that, I must point out that I enjoyed reading the book with only the above being something I wished could have been better.

Rating : 2.5/5

Pages : 333

Price : 350

Purchase it here


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