To the Future – Poem

A dream of many,
A vision of the group,
Brought to reality,
With the mind of one.

The air was frizzy,
Tingling with electricity,
Maybe even the excitement,
It was the night to test,
The taste of ideas and theories.

Circling across the screen,
The step to be taken,
The pod looking sleek,
Stood waiting for the traveler.

Stepping into it,
He took a deep breath,
And mumbled a prayer,
It could make history,
Or maybe erase it even.

With a rumble and blinding flash,
He opened his eyes,
To see a scorched land around,
Dry and scalding hot,
The light hurting the eyes,
Stepping out of the pod,
He did last but one second,
Before being melted away.

Photo by Torbjorn Sandbakk on Unsplash


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