The Prayer – Poetry

The dead of the night, With winds tickling your bones. The howling nature, And the cold poking you away. Something sinister sure is in air, For a night such as this, Can but be any other. The secret was buried deeply, It was all but a piece of cake. An empire of passion, Lay shattered... Continue Reading →


A Foggy Morning – Poetry

It lay stretching, For miles ahead, No end in sight, It just lay. A weary traveler, That I am, Found no solace, In the lonely journey. The window turned foggy too, Looking out, Now a tad difficult. Sitting right by it, Tracing imaginary lines, Smiling, Looking out at the rising sun. A fairy, Passing by... Continue Reading →

As it Rained – Short Fiction

He tapped on the glass window looking out through it, lost in thought. Raindrops trickled down the glass aimlessly while he made an attempt to trace their path with this fingertips. His heart was heavy, drenching in sorrow just as the people out on the street walking in the rain. He wanted to cry out... Continue Reading →

The Rise – Poem

The brightness blinds me Making me drowsy. A lullaby of the sweetest tone, Sang right into my ear. Hazy visions clear the path, A dead end lay before me. Out to get some air, The rays falls short at my feet. Thoughts that frighten, Action that tighten the noose. At long last we come to... Continue Reading →

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