Colors Of Delight – Poem

Blinking eerily taking the corners, Within the realm of facing truth. The book of truth, Screamed in the ears of all, From what used to just whispers of lies. Bloodhounds of the days, Seek them out everyday. The sweet melody of demise, Filled the night, As a delightful lingering scent. Secrets of the family, Buried... Continue Reading →


Airplanes – Short fiction

Airplanes were always a thing if curiosity for me when I was a kid. I mean, how could such a heavy thing just fly? For the longest time, I believed it was magic that fueled the flight and the pilots, magicians. That was what made me think of making humans fly. People said only things... Continue Reading →

The Road in the Forest – Poetry

A never ending trail, Right through the thick of the dark forest. Nestled in the cradle, Was an amulet of fear. Strangled with power, Or lack of thereof. The creature struggled to break free. Pain being a sweet melody, To the string quartet that was cruelty. The poisonous tone of melody, Oozed out from the... Continue Reading →

In The Distance – Poem

Foggy and unclear, Coming from the end of the lake, A form much feared, Longed for at the same time. It was a land of kings, Soon to be set upon a journey. Prophecies of the return, Riches were soon to be true, Right around the corner of the lake. The wings of evil took... Continue Reading →

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