End of the World – Poetry

The dream carried with it, A prohecy so true. He set out, All the way across the world. To preach, To warn. People mocked him, They laughed at him. None ready to heed his words, For he was a mad man to them. He did not give up, He did not despair. He travelled the... Continue Reading →


A Strange Place – Poem

A strange place, We had to visit. To lay claim to the claims, That there existed indeed a place. Through the sun, Through the wind. Through the storm, Through the calamities. We toiled through, Not ready to give up. Finally landed on the place, Termed the strange place. The water was blue, The sky was... Continue Reading →

Frozen Evil – Poem

Something so evil, Than even purity is unheard of. Lay frozen for years, Waiting and waiting. Centuries passed, Changes all around. It still lay, Waiting for the time. Then there it was, Ready to pounce. The Ice cap melted, Releasing with it K'ar. K'ar the evil one, Found it strange being in a strange new... Continue Reading →

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