Book Review: Second Go by Radhika Sachdev

As always I’d like to have the book blurb posted first before I move on to discuss the book so that the readers can get a good idea of what the book is based on. Here it is : Penned in real time, from the hospital bed while battling for life, on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s... Continue Reading →


The Prayer – Poetry

The dead of the night, With winds tickling your bones. The howling nature, And the cold poking you away. Something sinister sure is in air, For a night such as this, Can but be any other. The secret was buried deeply, It was all but a piece of cake. An empire of passion, Lay shattered... Continue Reading →

A Foggy Morning – Poetry

It lay stretching, For miles ahead, No end in sight, It just lay. A weary traveler, That I am, Found no solace, In the lonely journey. The window turned foggy too, Looking out, Now a tad difficult. Sitting right by it, Tracing imaginary lines, Smiling, Looking out at the rising sun. A fairy, Passing by... Continue Reading →

Colors Of Delight – Poem

Blinking eerily taking the corners, Within the realm of facing truth. The book of truth, Screamed in the ears of all, From what used to just whispers of lies. Bloodhounds of the days, Seek them out everyday. The sweet melody of demise, Filled the night, As a delightful lingering scent. Secrets of the family, Buried... Continue Reading →

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