The Sweet Symphony – Poem

The Crows of the night, Meandering like willows of the ship. Adventures of the great warrior, Was to end here at the tower. Faces of his heroism, Played before him, A sweet symphony of ethereal tone, Bringing tears to the listeners. The misplaced trust, Or the search for it, Was but the only reason for... Continue Reading →


The Dead Tree – Short Fiction

The tree was exactly at the spot as mentioned in the letter. Though dead many years ago, the tree stood it's ground as if it was thriving. The branches spread out from the bark in a weird form almost as if to spread as wide as it could and then grab onto something. The surface... Continue Reading →

The Amulet – Short Fiction

The light shone brightly piercing his half closed eyes. Lazily he opened his eyes to see a golden amulet lying ahead on a rock. The waves were slowly lapping against the rock, half attempting to drag the amulet back into the ocean but were failing miserably at it. Planting his arms firmly on the sand,... Continue Reading →

The Chandelier – Horror Fiction

The only light in the room came from the chandelier. The chandelier seemed strange and out of place in the dark dusty room. It sure looked classy but was quite out of place in this otherwise scary house. Claire moved towards the chandelier. Something about it seemed to attract her to it. Something dark and... Continue Reading →

The Eclipse – Horror Fiction

It was moments away from the eclipse being full. The animals were acting strange, though common during a period of eclipse, this time around it felt particularly creepy. Ryan had a sense of impending doom. Strange as the feeling was and unwarranted too, he still could not shake it off. He kept convincing himself that... Continue Reading →

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