Airplanes – Short fiction

Airplanes were always a thing if curiosity for me when I was a kid. I mean, how could such a heavy thing just fly? For the longest time, I believed it was magic that fueled the flight and the pilots, magicians. That was what made me think of making humans fly. People said only things... Continue Reading →


The Time Traveller – Short Fiction

The dial flickered as it started it's countdown. 10...9....8... Sweat trickled down his back like a slow moving river, flowing slowly but with purpose. He fidgeted with the launch lever to his right, as was his habit, as he waited for the countdown to end. ...7...6....5... It's been three years since he last came across... Continue Reading →

AM – Short Fiction

I cannot sleep. I just cannot. I had tried everything that I could. Eevrything starting with the recommended home remedies on Youtube to taking pills after discussing my condition with my doctor. I gave up trying a month back. There is nothing so bad about staying up all night right? A lot of extra time... Continue Reading →

The Eclipse – Horror Fiction

It was moments away from the eclipse being full. The animals were acting strange, though common during a period of eclipse, this time around it felt particularly creepy. Ryan had a sense of impending doom. Strange as the feeling was and unwarranted too, he still could not shake it off. He kept convincing himself that... Continue Reading →

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