Airplanes – Short fiction

Airplanes were always a thing if curiosity for me when I was a kid. I mean, how could such a heavy thing just fly? For the longest time, I believed it was magic that fueled the flight and the pilots, magicians. That was what made me think of making humans fly. People said only things... Continue Reading →


The Dead Tree – Short Fiction

The tree was exactly at the spot as mentioned in the letter. Though dead many years ago, the tree stood it's ground as if it was thriving. The branches spread out from the bark in a weird form almost as if to spread as wide as it could and then grab onto something. The surface... Continue Reading →

The Time Traveller – Short Fiction

The dial flickered as it started it's countdown. 10...9....8... Sweat trickled down his back like a slow moving river, flowing slowly but with purpose. He fidgeted with the launch lever to his right, as was his habit, as he waited for the countdown to end. ...7...6....5... It's been three years since he last came across... Continue Reading →

The Chandelier – Horror Fiction

The only light in the room came from the chandelier. The chandelier seemed strange and out of place in the dark dusty room. It sure looked classy but was quite out of place in this otherwise scary house. Claire moved towards the chandelier. Something about it seemed to attract her to it. Something dark and... Continue Reading →

The Locked Room – Horror Fiction

It was a thick wooden door that the hallway ended in. As the family mentioned, door had three locks on it and each of them was padlocked. Someone clearly did not want what was inside to come out. Ever. The story was that, three generations back, a member of the housekeeping staff had been killed... Continue Reading →

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